The Graph Paper Solution
      A Simple Way to Keep Your Columns Straight, and Your Answers Right
The 23-Skiddoo Challenge
      Can You Name 23 Reasons to Love the Number 23?
Toothpick Puzzle
      How 'WOOD' You Solve This?
A Hairy Problem
      It's On Your Head, So Use Your Head, and Tell Us: How Fast Does Hair Grow?
All Your Eggs in One Basket, Plus One
      This One May Fry Your Brain
13 Flags
      At First, You're Just Coloring . . . And Then It Gets Tricky
Figuring Out Miles Per Gallon
      With Gas Costs What They Are, This Is an Important Math Skill
Guess the Number
      You May Never Get It If You Guess, But If You Do the Math. . . .
Who Knew That 6,174 Was Such a Super-Number?
      Do Numbers Have Fan Clubs? This One Deserves It!
Play Your Cards Right
      Who Knew Playing Cards Was So Good For Your Brain?
Sun-Earth Calculations
      Using Math to Show You a Whole New Perspective
The Magic Square
      Can You Be a Number Magician, and Figure It Out?
Who's the Hoopster
      A Sports Logic Puzzle That's No Slam-Dunk
Mathematical Palindromes
      Number Wonders That Are the Same, Coming and Going
A $10,000 Shopping Spree
      Using the Newspaper to Practice Math Skills, All Rights Reserved.