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K-2 Math:

Dot Match


Today's Snack: Make Fruit Freeze Cups. Pour fruit juice into smallish paper cups. Add fruit if you wish. Place in the freezer until frozen solid. To eat, tear back the paper around the top and eat with a spoon, while holding the bottom of the cup. At the bottom, it may be slushy enough to drink!





20 index cards | black marker pen | scissors


  1. Count out two stacks of 10 index cards each.


  1. On one set, write the numbers 1 through 10 so that each card has its own number.


  1. On the other set of 10, draw 1 to 10 dots, so that each card has a different number of dots.


  1. Mix up the 20 cards. Place them face down on the floor or table.


  1. Taking turns with a friend or grown-up, play a game of "Concentration."


  1. Select two cards and turn them over, face-up, in the same spot where they were. Try to remember where each card was.


  1. If there is no match between the numeral on one card and the number of dots on the other, turn both cards back over. If you get two numerals, or two dot cards, that's not a match, so turn both back over. But try to remember where each card is.


  1. Keep taking turns until someone has a match. For example, it is a match when someone turns over the card that says "4" and then the card with the four dots.


  1. When someone gets a match, remove that pair, and keep playing until all the pairs are found.



By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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