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After School Treats kids
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Math Fact Games



Make-Your-Own Flash Cards
      Challenge Your Friends, and Challenge Yourself, With These Easy-to-Carry Cards
"In" and "Out" Flash Cards
      A 5-Minute Activity to Ingrain in Your Brain the Math Facts You Need
Flash Cards In Ring Binders
      Make a Set, and Use It at Home and in the Car For "Automaticity" by Fourth Grade
Color-Coded Pop Tabs Game
      Collect, Paint and Recycle Pop Tabs Into a Fun Math Game
Math Facts Penny Toss
      Simple, Fast and Fun: Small Cans, Little Pennies, and Big Learning Dividends
Hop, Skip and Jump Math
      On a Hot Day, Racers Can Hold a Cup of Water to Make a Real Splash
Let's Play PIG
      It's an Oink-credible Amount of Fun
Number Buzz Game
      Good Listeners Make Good Thinkers, and Good Thinkers Excel in Math!
Magic Multiplication
      Do a Partner or Team Challenge at the Board With These Fascinating Math Tricks
Math Beanbag Toss
      There's Just Something Hilarious About Beanbags, Especially When They Help You Learn
Card Sharks
      Match Wits With These Three Card Games in Which Math Skill Helps You Win
High 5's
      Here's a Game to Help You Master the Mighty Important Number, Five
Download Daily Math Worksheets
      With Exercise, You Need Regular 'Reps,' or Repetitions. It's the Same Thing With Math!
Online Math Challenges
      Think You're Pretty Good at Math? Get These Right, and We'll Call You "Your Majesty"
Online Halloween Fun
      For Some Boo-tiful Practice To Get You SCARY-GOOD!
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