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Time and Money:

The 4-Roll Challenge


Today's Snack: Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on a tortilla. Place it on a plate on top of one paper towel, with another paper towel on top. Microwave for 30 seconds on high. Take out of the oven, and, making sure it's not too hot, roll it up into an easy "taquito." Try a little mango juice to go with.





Go to a bank and get one roll of pennies,

one roll of nickels, one roll of dimes

and one roll of quarters

Ruler | Postage meter or food scale

Scratch paper and pencil



  1. Measure the length of all four coin rolls with the ruler. Are they the same, or different?


  1. Record the length of the four coin rolls by making a chart that shows them from shortest to longest (or showing if they are equal length).


  1. Weigh the coin rolls. Make another chart on the scratch paper, and rank them in order, from heaviest to lightest.


  1. Guess how many coins are in each roll.


  1. Estimate how much money each roll is worth, if you added up all the coins in that roll.


  1. Now go ahead and break open the rolls, one by one. Count the coins. Figure out the monetary value. Chart the four different amounts. Were you right or wrong?


  1. Discuss how money symbolizes value, and just because two rolls of coins are the same length doesn't mean they symbolize the same monetary value.


By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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