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Math: Story Problems

Stack the First President


Today's Snack: It's just a nice story about our first president, George Washington, honestly admitting to his father that he cut down the cherry tree. Just a little PR trick, back in the day. But Washington was still a great president, and cherries still make a great snack!

So let's make a mini cherry cheesecake treat. With a spoon, beat a little cream cheese until it's good and creamy. "Frost" a vanilla wafer with it. Then fish in one can of cherry pie filling and find one cherry. Place it on the wafer with a little filling. Instant Cherry Tartlet! Enjoy with a glass of cherry juice.




Piece of scratch paper | pencil

You can photocopy multiple copies of this picture

of George Washington and decorate your paper with it




Our first president, George Washington, was 6'2" tall.


The Washington monument,

erected in his honor in Washington, D.C.,

is 555'5" tall.


Let's pretend that we are going to stack a whole bunch of cloned George Washingtons on top of one another, from the ground to the very top of the monument. It doesn't come out evenly.


So your challenge is:


How many inches TALLER would the highest George Washington be,

than the very top of the monument?






(Hint: convert Washington's height and the monument's height to total inches, and then use multiplication and division to get your answer)


By Susan Darst Williams Math 2012

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