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Fish Painting and Puzzle


Today's Snack: Bake some frozen fish sticks and dip them in tartar sauce or a little ketchup. FIN-tastic! Drink down a few waves of milk, too.





Piece of watercolor paper or drawing paper

Watercolor paints and brush | Container of water

Color marker | pencil and scratch paper



First, have fun painting a beautiful picture of a fish on the watercolor paper. Use any colors, patterns and textures that you want. Leave a little white space underneath your picture.


While it is drying, carefully copy the following number puzzle underneath your fish picture:



How much does a fish weigh if its tail weighs 4 kilograms, its head weighs as much as its tail and half its body, and its body weighs as much as its head and tail together?



Using the pencil and scratch paper, solve the puzzle. (See the answer below) Once your fish picture is dry, write the answer on the back of your picture, and quiz your friends and family!


Also convert the answer from kilograms to ounces. Note that one kilogram equals 35.3 ounces. So how much does your fish weigh in pounds and ounces?







(Answer: 32 kilograms . . . x 35.3 oz. + 1,129.6 oz. 16 oz./lb. = 70.6 lbs.)



By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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