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K-2 Math:



Today's Snack: Spread peanut butter and jelly between saltine crackers or whole-wheat crackers. That's the part of your snack that is "low." Eat with a high glass of milk. OK: tall!





Deck of playing cards, with the aces, jacks, queens and kings removed



This game is more fun with two to four players.


Mix up the cards well. Deal the first player four cards, face up. The player should pick up and say out loud which number on a card is high, and which number is low.


So if the player is dealt the 2 of spades, the 6 of hearts, the seven of clubs and the 10 of diamonds, the player should pick up the 2 of spades and say "2 low" and pick up the 10 of diamonds and say "10 high."


If the player is right, the player gets to keep all four cards.


Keep going 'til the deck is all gone, and then count and see who has the most cards.


Variation: if the students are good at High-Low, you can turn it into a race by having two players shut their eyes or turn away, and then deal out eight cards. The first to shout out the low and high numbers wins all eight cards.



By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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