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Math Facts Games:

Let's Play PIG


Today's Snack: The name of this game calls for a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Wash it down with a glass of chocolate milk, but don't make a . . . PIG of yourself!





2 dice | Scratch paper for a scoresheet, and pencil


This game will help you work on your addition skills . . . and help you learn NOT to be greedy! That's a little bit of an insult against pigs, who aren't REALLY greedy animals, but hopefully, they will forgive the slight.


Here's how it works:


You need two players. The first player rolls the dice and adds up what they total. If you roll a "4" and a "3," for example, your score is "7." You can either pass the dice on to the other player, or keep going.


If you keep going, you have to keep adding up your score for that turn in your head. Make sure your partner adds it, too, and keep track of his or her score during his or her turn, too.


If you decide to stop your turn after any roll of the dice, write down your score. You can't lose any points that you have written down. They are recorded and "safe" at the end of a turn.


You can keep going - keep rolling the dice and adding the points - UNTIL a "1" comes up on either one of the dice. If that happens, you lose your turn and you also lose all the points that you have made on that turn.


So if you get greedy and keep rolling and rolling and rolling BUT THEN a "1" comes up on one of the dice, you pay for that long, greedy turn by losing all the points that you had added up so far on that turn.


On the other hand, if you feel that you are on a "roll" and can risk it - particularly if your opponent is getting close to 100 - you can hang on to your turn and keep rolling, hoping that "1" won't come up and you can get to "100" before your opponent does.


Sometimes, it's OK to be a "pig" - but sometimes, it's not!


By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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