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After School Treats kids
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Story Problems:

Count Me In


Today's Snack: Count out as many Cheerios as you are old, and multiply by 10, then eat and enjoy!





Piece of scratch paper | pencil



Leaving a little white space at the bottom of the page, draw a big circle on the scratch paper.


Underneath the circle, write this puzzle:





Mr. Hipp Hopp is teaching a dance class. He has his students space themselves evenly around a circle and count off. Student #16 is directly opposite Student #47. How many students are in Mr. Hopp's class?




You might be able to solve the problem with just that amount of information. Or you may want to write in the two student numbers that you have been given, and add more numbers to try to figure it out.


At the bottom of this page is the answer - but don't look 'til you've got it!










(Answer: 62 students . . . 47 - 16 = 31 and that's half the class)


By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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