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Geometry Baseball Picture


Today's Snack: Take an orange, and put a couple of skinny strands of licorice or a narrow strip of fruit leather on it to make the lacings on a baseball. Laugh at how much fun the game would be if you could eat the ball! Then peel the orange, and eat the "ball" along with the lacings, and a tall glass of water.





Plastic stencils with geometric shapes

Colored pencils | Drawing paper

Baseball, bat, glove



It's amazing how many of the shapes in geometry you can find in a baseball field.




The field itself is called a DIAMOND - that's a four-sided shape with two sharp angles at the top and bottom or at the two sides, like two triangles back to back.


Home plate is a PENTAGON - a five-sided figure that's like a triangle on top of a square or rectangle. The "point" of home plate points toward the pitcher.


The ball is a SPHERE - that's a circular shape, like an apple or a planet.


How many more geometric shapes can you list for a baseball field? Write them on the bottom of your paper, where you answered the three questions about the book.


To help, look at the illustrations in the book, "Willy's Raiders."


Now, using colored pencils, make a "geometry baseball picture" on your piece of plain white paper. Use geometric shapes to show a baseball scene. You can look at a page in the book for an idea of what to draw.


Use the stencils to help you draw straight lines on your geometric shapes, or draw them on your own and do your best to make the lines straight. You can trace figures on the stencils if they are the right size for your picture.


Circle as many geometric shapes as you can in your picture. Here's a list:


triangle pentagon (5 sides) circle (or sphere)

square hexagon (6 sides) oval

rectangle octagon (8 sides) diamond


Best of all, now get out there to a real baseball field, notice the geometric shapes in real life, and play some BASEBALL!!!!


By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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