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Sidewalk Geometry


Today's Snack: There's just something about playing on a sidewalk that demands a treat of a popsicle. Have your favorite flavor, and don't let it drip on your clothes!





A square or rectangle that is part of a sidewalk

Sidewalk chalk


On a nice, clear, safe section of sidewalk, choose a square or rectangle of concrete that doesn't have any cracks or bird doo. Then take a piece of sidewalk chalk and imagine how you might cut it into pieces with one straight line.


Draw the line. Think it over: could you ever get MORE than two pieces if you drew just one straight line?


Now draw a second straight line. It can cross over the first one if you wish. How many pieces have you "cut" your sidewalk section in to?


Now draw a third straight line. How many pieces now? Think about other directions that you might have drawn your straight line, all the way across.


Keep going until you have drawn 10 different straight lines. Now make an "X" in every separate section that you have created with all those straight lines.


If you wish, go to a second sidewalk section and try to make more sections with 10 straight lines than you did the first time.


Remember, the lines that you draw are only one small "segment," or part, of an imaginary line, that has no beginning and no end. In geometry, all we are doing is working with short "segments" of long, long lines.


Now, if you'd like, make patterns and color in different sections that you have created to make a geometric work of art. Too bad it will only last until the next rain!









By Susan Darst Williams Math 2010

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